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v25: the pie hole, as in "shut your".

it's kind of a random proximity thing.


hopeless romantic.

i enjoy exquisite jawlines, an excess of fangirling, harry potter, thunderstorms, and animal-patterned clothing.

8 letters, 3 syllables, and i'm yours.

harvardbarbie is exactly what i'm not.


tom hiddleston. rdj. daniel sharman. tyler posey. benedict cumberbatch. chris messina.

mindy kaling. jennifer lawrence. lauren graham. natalie portman.

tv shows&films.

the mindy project. merlin. gilmore girls. teen wolf. ratatouille.


lady gaga. michael giacchino. hans zimmer. debussy. chopin.


harry potter ♥. caitlin moran. atul gawande.

the layout.

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noblealice, 2007

asweetdownfall: Sweet. Amazing. Sassy ;). Happy. Absolutely wonderful. Sasha is like a ray of sunshine. She never lets you down. <3
noblealice: harvardbarbie is everything and more from her name; she's a brilliant thinker who can still enjoy all of life's little wonders. She's openminded to pairings (she loves Cedric/Fleur) and a fun, constant commenter. If you don't have her friended already you're really missing out!
vylentcrymz: Sasha is one of the nicest people you could possibly meet. Ever. She's friendly, sweet, easy to talk to and such a cool person to fangirl with. I'm glad she's on my f-list and I hope to know her for a long time to come.
caffrey: harvardbarbie is sweet and genuinely nice to speak with. She speaks her mind and shares her thoughts, and she thinks and acts beyond her years (which is amazing, since very few people do). I look forward to being good friends with her for a loooooooooong time. ♥
michelinamarie: Sasha is incredibly sweet and intelligent, as well as an awesome and supportive friend. She's not intimidating in the slightest, and is instead very welcoming as a new friend, and will always bring a smile to your face when you desperately need one. And the best part is, all of that about her is GENUINE. She's totally real, and nothing seems forced with her. If she says something, she means it. Honesty is such a great quality in a friend, and that is one of many things that I love that about her. She's a keeper! ;)
watchasifall: Sasha is one of the most genuine people on my f'list. She's extremely, sweet, kind and awesome. She's always makes the effort to comment on my entries, whether they're important, or it's just some crap piece of spam ;P I feel so lucky that I've gotten to know her, and to have her on my f'list. She's a really gorgeous person.
myst56: Sasha is cute, adorable, and seems to always be happy and that makes me happy, as well! I love her to bits ♥
loverunway: Sasha is really really nice and although I haven't known her for that long she's always been really friendly and kind to me. She basically rocks and I'm looking forward to getting to know her better XD
ablackorchid: Sasha is a gorgeous person and is always so sweet and kind and funny! *hugs her*
havetogoback: Sasha is fun, friendly and lovely to a fault. She's a damn good egg, a dedicated fangirl and I'm grateful to have her on my f-list. In short, she rocks. And if you add her, you will too XD
fehrlybrendan: Sasha is such a wonderful person and a dedicated fangirl. She has a kind and funny nature and is a genuinely sweet girl. I look forward to getting to know her better as she has been a fantastic addition to my friends list. ♥
inevershutup09: Sasha is a really awesome LJ friend. She's really sweet and kind. She's funny and awesome to talk to. So do yourself a favor by adding her and experiencing the awesomeness.
queenofspades89: harvardbarbie is like a sweet, innocent, and delectable carmel candy with a bitchy, snarky, fandom-filled center. XD
whiskpirate: You are such a wonderful person and I love having you on my friends list. I wish I could have met you when I was visiting there earlier this summer. You are inspirational, fun, and intelligent--don't ever forget that! You are fantabulous and awesometastic :D
chancetoflyx: sasha is made of win because she likes to dissect things and, lately, fangirl over gilmore girls; two things i also enjoy. she's such a sweet, kind and funny person, and i'm so glad to have her on my list. she's just one of those people you can't dislike.